Retired nurse confess to drug and sell babies to buy dream house [PHOTO INSIDE]


A popular nurse have revealed a shocking tale that has social media in shock and total outrage over what she did to reach her goals in life.

The nurse admitted that she sold over 4000 babies and collected 400,000jmb from top bidders.

“This has been plaguing my life for years and I living in Missouri for the past 8 years…my sins have caught up with me for the wrongs I have done…this house is like an empty shell..I made so many families cry over the years because of my greed and my love for vanity..I have been using anesthesia chemical to trick new parents that there child has passed away..each baby sold to the highest bidder I received over 400,000jmd and others take the rest…I’m not proud to admit this but I this if I don’t I’ll never be at peace.roughly 4000 newborn babies has been sold.” the nurse posted on social media.

Online comments:

“Your so evil I wish you never wake up”

“Don’t be jealous of a next person cuz you wouldn’t wanna know how they get to where they are”


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