Kodak Black: “Ain’t Nobody Gone Want Tiny Uglass When T.I. Dies”


Kodak Black has struck again with the disrespect and he’s coming for T.I. and Tiny this time. It all started when Kodak Black went live on Instagram saying that he was going to be the man for Lauren London after she’s mourned for at least a year. Many fans and artist did not take Kodak’s comments lightly and T.I. responded by telling Kodak that he was out of line. The negative backlash that Kodak received compelled him to make a half-assed apology that anyone can see was not sincere.

Kodak Black has since made more comments about T.I. and here’s what he had to say:

“Ain’t nobody gone want Tiny uglass when T.I. dies. He acting like he all positive and sh*t but this the same nxgga that gave y’all ‘Trap Muzik’ now he acting like he Martin Luther King. What T.I. need to do is worry about his family and his uglass wife who cheated on him with Floyd Mayweather. He got me fxcked up”

Is talking about T.I.’s wife taking it too far? It seems like Kodak has no limit when it comes to what is considered disrespectful. Kodak has already admitted that he did not feel that he disrespected Lauren London so we can almost assure you that Kodak won’t care how T.I. feels. As of now, T.I. has not responded.


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