Jahmiel Tackles Social Issues With “We Feel The Pain” Music Video


Jahmiel has dubbed himself the “voice of the people.”

The international Dancehall singjay dropped a brand new music video for his “We Feel The Pain” single on earlier this week.

The thought provoking single tackles several social issues including racism, police brutality, politics and poverty.

“Yeah we see dem a smile but that nuh genuine / Government doah give a f**k about our living / ah we feel the pain the most yo.. a we feel the pain….. / Poor people feel the pain the most….,” Jahmiel sings.

Jahmiel is ending the year on a positive note, “We Feel The Pain” music video follows the Lee Milla Productions’ “A Better Tomorrow” visuals.

The entertainer recently shared some exclusive information about his debut album.

Set to release first quarter of 2019, Jahmiel is very pleased with the body of work already laid out for his debut album and said there is just a few final touches to be made. When asked what he can share about the album Jahmiel disclosed the album title ‘Greatman’.