Is Ellen Degeneres Holding a Facebook Giveaway?


Don’t fall for scams that use counterfeit Facebook accounts to falsely associate themselves with celebrities

Several times over the last few years social Facebook posts have appeared proposing that users who followed instructions to “like” and “share” them could win myriad prizes in a purported giveaway sponsored by Ellen Degeneres:

As we have noted on previous pages about similar hoaxes, these counterfeit promotional posts exhibit a number of red flags, primarily that the underlying pages are not endorsed by any official channel associated with Ellen Degeneres:

The Ellen Degeneres Show does run segments involving prize giveawaysthat may have online components, including ties to official social media accounts, but not ones involving randomly choosing viewers who “like” and “share” posts stemming from counterfeit Facebook accounts such as the one shown above.

Any legitimate promotional offer using Facebook should be tied to an account bearing a blue badge indicating the account has been verified by Facebook as authentic:


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