Cardi B Strips Down & Gives Info About Her Alien Looking body part on Red Carpet Make Out With Offset


Cardi took time out to squash rumors about her private area.

The Billboard Music Awards red carpet was hot and steamy on Wednesday evening when Migos rapper Offset and his wifey Cardi B let their love run wild. The passionate pair were dressed to the nines in their first looks for the award ceremony, and when they were asked to pose for the cameras, they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

Offset and Cardi licked on each other’s tongues before planting kisses on one another as Cardi wrapped her bare leg around her husband. He didn’t hesitate to grab on as they displayed their affection for the world. Backstage, Cardi did a quick change and she switched up her gowns, but while she was stripped down with barely anything on she decided it was time to give a Public Service Announcement.

The rapper took a moment to speak…candidly…about her vagina after photoshopped pictures have been circulating. “First of all, that ain’t my p*ssy,” she bluntly stated with her behind in the air. She pointed to her lady bits and said, “My p*ssy, right here, this where I birthed my daughter from.” She wanted to make sure that people know that women with large backsides have certain folds down there, but it certainly isn’t her vagina as many have claimed.


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