Aidonia Involved In Serious Car Crash, Benz SUV Totaled [VIDEO INSIDE]


Aidonia is lucky to be alive following a serious car crash.

The dancehall escaped from a car accident last night with only minor injuries. Sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that his Mercedes-Benz GLE63 SUV was totaled in the crash that took place along Mannings Hill Road, St. Andrew. The full details surrounding the accident is not yet known, but we obtained below video which shows the aftermath. You can hear a female in the background saying that Aidonia is lucky to be alive and judging from the damage of his vehicle, her assessment is correct.

On New Year’s Day, Aidonia shared a positive message for his fans where he expressed that he will be focusing on a positive message this year. “More life inno, more blessings inno, winnings inno,” the dancehall deejay said. “Bun off all negativity inno, in a the new year yo see it. You done know a only positive we a pree for this year a so the youths them fi a pree to dog, let go the bag of gun thing and the bag of f***ery yo see it.”


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