Gully bop gets new teeth [SEE VIDEO]

More than a year ago, dentists from New York had their free offer of their services to deejay Gully Bop turned down because of fear that he may lose his original sound.

The controversial artiste’s fear seems to have been dispelled because he is currently undergoing several stages of dental surgery to remove his damaged teeth and to get dental implants.

The deejay’s girlfriend, US-based R&B and hip hop artiste, A’mari, told The STAR that she is responsible for Bop going to the dentist.

“I was concerned about his hygiene, and he had several broken teeth that had been damaged because of a car accident years ago,” she explained.

A’mari and Gully Bop are currently spending time in New York together. “We are promoting our collaboration singles including Cheater Girls and No Ordinary Girls. We really enjoy spending time together while embarking on our musical journey,” said A’mari.

According to A’mari, the deejay removed two teeth from his mouth last week, and will be returning for the next few weeks to complete removal of the rest of his damaged teeth.

The artiste is expected to be getting dentures in six weeks as he prepares for dental implants which will be done before his planned wedding to A’mari in August.

“He doesn’t want to get married until his teeth are fixed because he wants to walk down the aisle looking good,” she explained.

A’mari also moved to dismiss concerns that fans would not be accepting of Bop getting dental implants. “His fans are very supportive and want him to look better so anything he can do is good with them,” she said.

Bop’s girlfriend of a few months said that the deejay is no longer concerned about dentists destroying his authentic sound that made him popular.

“He was able to deejay less than one hour after he took out the first two teeth so he now knows that it’ll be fine,” she explained.

The different dental procedures that Bop will be doing are expected to be completed by June.

Meanwhile, in recent times, reports have surfaced about a falling out between the couple. However, A’mari is adamant that all is well with her and her lover.